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HI! I'm oceans-of-glory, you may call me Hedvig or the nickname Kuma, and I'm an art student from Sweden. I'll reblog pictures and things from what fandom I'm most obsessed with at the moment. I'll also try to sometimes post art I make.

One Piece, The Last Story, Xenoblade, Hakuouki and Fire Emblem are my link to sanity. Ask me anything if you have any questions :3 Also a lot of Tom Hiddleston, Loki and/or guys from Thor may appear.
I swear a lot, so if that ain't your thang, I'm sorry.
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chocolattiara sent:
15, 31, 49 and 51!

15. Last thing I drew.
It’s for a school assignment “outside of the window”. Maybe I’ll post something when it’s done.

31. A song that sticks in your head.
Werewolves of Armenia by Powerwolf B).

49. Last movie I saw in theaters.
Omfg I don’t even remember for sure, but I think it was the latest TMNT movie. It sucked xD.

51. Favorite actor?
Hardest question ever xD. But one I’ve liked for a long time is Clint Eastwood. He is awesome as an actor and as a director!

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1: Slept naked / nude?
2Favourite food?
3Do you like Nutella?
4: Prefer natural juice or soda?
5: Chocolate or vanilla?
6: Cheese or pepperoni? 
8Do you like fruit?
9Do you take any medication?
10: Is there sickness?
11: What was the last time you went to the dentist?
12Do you know how to dance?
14Have you told someone a secret?
15: What was the last thing you drew?
16A moment that will never forget?
17Do you play any instruments? 
18A film that made you cry?
19: What would you like to receive as a birthday present?
20: What is the favourite flavour of gum?
21: Do you miss something? what?
22A person who marked your life and went away?
23: Name of your first Girlfriend (a)?
24: How long have you had tumblr?
25Do you like barbecue?
26Do you like films?
28: What day of the week do you prefer?
29: Sunday is a great day for 
30: Name the last person you talked to?
31A song that sticks in your head?
32The name of a person you do not support?
33A reason to follow you?
34The best time of day?
35: Beach or field?
36: A field / discipline that you do not support?
37: The name of the professor / teacher who was your favorite?
38: Worst moment that has passed?
39: Something that makes you sad?
40Something that makes you happy?
41: Do you have many followers?
42: Have you had someone who you did not deserve?
43: Who is the most important person to you?
44: What if your mother died?
45: A singer you like?
46: Someone who’s there for you?
47: Have you smoked?
48: Drink vodka?
49: What is the last movie you saw in theaters?
50: A book I‘ve read and reread several times?
51: Favourite Actor?

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On a scale of 1 to “why did i fall in love with corazon because oda already told us he’s going to die”, how emotionally invested are you?

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<b> </b> I hate my situation.<p>
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Nintendo & Monolith Soft - Xenoblade Chronicles X

eta 2015 for Wii U

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Men Victor, jag har tonårsflint.


Wallpaper made by Holly (Kaze-hime @ DA, Soundlesswind @ Tumblr)



religion is such a train wreck. yes, catholics, dirtying up your forehead with soot will bring you closer to god

god this is so disrespectful its NOT fucking soot it’s ash from the palm leaves collected almost a year ago at palm sunday and the significance of it is that we all will return to ash so stop being a little pissbaby and disrespecting people’s religions and do something more productive with your time like reading a book or something

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